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Email & SMS Marketing
Connect with your customers using Email, SMS or IVR marketing channels and get real-time performance stats. Reactiv Media use the most reliable delivery platforms and provide dedicated campaign support for all business sectors.

Website Design / Micro Sites
Is your website mobile responsive? It’s essential to have an online presence with a website that works. Mobile searches have now superseded desktop searches.  Reactiv Media’s team of graphic designers and developers will help get you and your website noticed.

Mobile Application Development
The demand to have a presence on both Apple and Google stores is still high. There’s no need to over complicate your idea, the simple apps are still the best in downloads and usage stats. Check out the apps we have on the Apple Store for Reactiv Media.

Features That Matter

Reasons You’ll Love It

Email Marketing

Communicate with your customers & keep them up to date. Reach out to new customers with Reactiv Media's 4.6m email database.

Real Time Results

Emails are delivered instantly with access to real-time tracking showing opens, clicks and sales/enquires. Visit Reactiv Media‘s website for more info on email marketing.

Website Design

Small micro sites and landing pages promoting one product, or a full scale website showcasing everything you have to offer.

Mobile Responsive

All websites are fully mobile responsive using latest technologies and Reactiv Media test until the customer is 100% happy.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Get a head start of your competition with a shopping cart that's easy and quick to use on smartphones or tablets.

No really, it's important!

It’s surprising how bad some sites are to use your mobile and buy something. Check it out for yourself.

SMS Marketing

Have your SMS read within 20 minutes. Now that's a stat! Manage uploading your data and delivery all by yourself.

Instant Results

At a press of a button deliver 2800 messages a second. Use Google Analytics to see what your customers are doing.

Search Engine Optimisation

You have an online presence, now optimise it and enrich with keywords that will gain you more customers.

Organic Growth

Get your site on page 1 of search engine results using keywords and phrases people are using to search for similar products.

Mobile App Development

Have you got a bright idea for a mobile application? Let Reactiv Media transform that idea into reality.

Registered Developer

Reactiv Media are registered developers for Apple and Google building our apps using the latest frameworks, licensed through the developer program.

Reactiv Media Makes It Easier

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Live Stats Anywhere

Reactiv Media Stats

Whether you have a website, mobile app or are running an email/sms campaign, Reactiv Media can get you live stats anywhere you are. See which customers are interacting and how this interaction takes place. Make slight adjustments to your campaign to improve delivery of emails or to get the sale. See who’s dropping out of the cart and communicate with them quickly. See who’s opened but not clicked, resend a targeted message to the openers.

Beautiful User Interface

Have complete control of the user interface design. There are many different UI elements to choose from that will fit across all digital channels.

  • Choose the best time to message your customers.
  • Be creative with photography.
  • Upload or download content anywhere in the world.
  • Secure login features to keep you safe.
  • Add social elements to increase interaction.
  • Get customers talking about you.
  • Integrate payment gateways.
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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out Reactiv Media’s.

Who Are We

Philospohy Reactiv Media Strive For

Reactiv Media pride themselves on their design and development services and have created many email designs, fluid websites and stunning apps for their clients. Reactiv Media deliver over 200 million emails, 10 million SMS messages and drink over 3,000 of cups of coffee each year! So, whatever you are searching for, we would like to hear from you. Fill out the contact form or call for a quick chat about your idea and a free no obligation quotation.

See the apps Reactiv Media have live on the stores;

Skills We Use

Graphic Design 90%
Email Build 95%
Web Development 97%
Mobile Application Development 88%
Reactiv Digital - Reactiv Media

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